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Published on July th, 2013
Photo by Darren Burton

Photo by Darren Burton


Garron Gibbs, owner of Concrete Cakes, is an experienced marketer who is passionate about helping businesses grow.  Prior to launching CCDM, while working for other marketing companies he learned that marketing is a complicated tool that only works when used properly.  There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach.  In fact, there are several high-priced methods that barely work at all.  By “work” we mean achieving a measurable goal that leads to financial gain.

We have a minimalist approach.  We focus on four (4) key components of marketing that we feel have the most impact on customer acquisition, customer retention, and customer advocacy—the things that matter.  Those four components are Web Design, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Google Marketing.




Web Design

We provide affordable, high-quality web design that is aesthetically pleasing and functions in accordance with your business goals.  We have a team of experienced designers who are capable of creating something as simple as a portfolio site or as intricate as an international e-commerce site.  We want your customers to feel connected to your website and be able to navigate through it seamlessly, while learning about your offerings.


Content Marketing 

Everyday we are bombarded with hundreds of advertisements and marketing messages.  Because of this “noise” we have developed very strong “filter systems” to weed out the information we don’t want.  Content Marketing solves this problem by creating messages that people actually want to receive.  The key is to create something that isn’t inherently sales-driven but rather information/entertainment driven.  By doing this, your customers are more likely to actually receive your message and they are more likely to build an emotional connection to the content.  Ultimately leading to sales and word-of-mouth promotion. 

We provide the following content marketing services: blogging, videography, photography, graphics and newsletters.  All of which are distributed through your website, social media and email.  Successful content marketing leads to an increase in web traffic, a higher rank on Google search results, an increase in social influence, and ultimately drive sales in a cost effective way.


Social Media Marketing 

Social Media Marketing is an effective way to distribute your content/messages to your target customers in a way that allows them to interact with your company.  When done properly, this will lead to stronger brand influence and will ultimately drive sales.  Each social network is different so they each come with a unique set of “best practices,” that should seek to achieve very specific marketing goals.  In conjunction with your Content Marketing, your Social Media campaign should seek to achieve the following goals: Sales, Brand Influence, Customer Service, Thought Leadership, Market Research, and Community Engagement.  All of which are necessary for business growth.

We take into account the “best practices” while taking into account your company’s unique set of characteristics, to execute an effective social media marketing campaign.  We measure results using Google Analytics and Sales data.


Certified Google Marketing/Analytics

After word-of-mouth, Google Marketing is a Small Business’ best friend.  With Google Adwords, you can engage a very specific target group at the precise moment they’re searching for what you’re offering.  And you only pay when someone clicks on your ad.  With Google Display Network, you can utilize display ads and video with thousands of Google partners, allowing you to create a more engaging message while still only paying for a desired action.  Simply, you can reach who you want, how you want and only pay when you get what you want.

As a certified Google Marketer, we are trained to execute Google marketing campaigns that help businesses generate revenue in an effective and efficient way.



We’re simple.  We work to make you more money than we cost you.

We’re honest.  If we can’t help you, we’ll let you know rather than take your money and destroy a relationship.

We actually care about growing your business.  Our mission coincides with that of ConcreteCakes.com in that we believe everyone should have the opportunity to do what they love and get paid for it.

What we do is measurable.  You’ll know for certain what’s working and what’s not based on Google Analytics and your bottom line.

What we do works.  Digital Marketing allows you to reach a highly target audience with the most engaging message all while measuring real results.  You simply reach who you want, say what you want and get what you want.



To schedule a meeting to discuss your company and how we can help, call 215-350-9389 or email ConcreteCakes@gmail.com


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