Published on September 13th, 2012

Cory Townes & Curran Swint

“Success comes from the artistic blend of doing what’s right and doing what’s profitable.” – Unknown.

As young entrepreneurs and influencers, it is our responsibility to do what’s right for our communities.  With the new school year underway, it’s only right that we step in and help our children by donating school supplies.

But since we’re young influencers, why not add some flair to the task?

Curran J. Swint of, a young entrepreneur from Philadelphia, decided to put together a 3-on-3 charitable basketball tournament to help raise the funds for back to school supplies.  Good idea, but not a novel idea.  However, being as though Curran’s background is in fashion, he decided to invite the city’s top local clothing brands to serve as the teams in the tournament.  Now we’re talking about a totally different type of event.

After you check out my comedic account of the night’s festivities, check out why this event was a huge BRANDING success as well as a great way to serve the community.



The retail industry is a tough one to succeed in because of the immense level of competition and relatively low margins.  As an underground clothing brand, you’re not only competing with other underground brands, you’re competing with established brands that have larger marketing budgets.  However, unlike with the more established national brands, by supporting local brands, the money stays in the community and finances charitable events such as this one.  With each local brand coming together for a “cool” event, the community is left with an increased sense of loyalty to the idea of local support.



The term Experiential Marketing is used to describe the emotional connection a customer has to a brand.  It’s the feeling you get when you put on a fresh pair of Jordan’s as opposed to a fresh pair of Saucony’s.  Experiential Marketing is why we’re willing to pay more for an iPad when the Kindle Fire is less expensive and arguably a better device.  At the KRT 3-on-3 basketball tournament, spectators were treated to a GREAT experience.  There was free food, a moon bounce, vendors, a DJ and a competitive basketball tournament filled with familiar faces wearing dope brands.  And there was no drama.  The residual income that each brand will inherit from this event will far outweigh the cost of putting it together.



Each brand has their own marketing approach.  We’ve seen brands host concerts, fashion shows, art galleries, happy hours, seasonal launch parties, etc.  Not that these marketing tactics aren’t useful, it’s that their increased regularity puts each brand in jeopardy of becoming predictable.  Unfortunately, the customers that many of these brands serve are easily distracted so it’s imperative to do new things to maintain relevancy.  With the success of the KRT basketball tournament, we’re likely to see a host of new tactics that grew from someone thinking of ways to tweek this event.



Speaking of “no drama,” the peaceful execution of this event serves as a great example of the direction Philadelphia could be heading.  The games took place in the heart of West Philly, a notoriously blighted area, and there was not so much as a heated argument.  For the community to witness such a peaceful event gives the sense that our efforts to uplift our youth are not met in vain.  For any economic development to take place, the foundation must be laid for peaceful interaction.  Of course this is an uphill climb, but one in which we’re making traction.

@Bellargo / KRT Tees Vs Tanks Champions


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(Posted by Garron Gibbs)

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