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Published on February 7th, 2013

sincerely love_flyer

It’s February and Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.  Whether you have a significant other or not, it is a day to celebrate LOVE and all that LOVE brings to the world.  And with this being Concrete Cakes, we’d be remised if we didn’t discuss loving what you do professionally.  It seems like it’s harder to find this kind of love than it is finding that special someone.  So when we come across people who genuinely LOVE what they do, who don’t mind spreading that love, it needs to be recognized.

Syreeta Martin of Sincerely Syreeta, Latiaynna Tabb of Tabb Management, and Tia Ellis of Couture At Your Door all love what they do and have decided to come together like a fresh outfit to spread that love by giving us, Sincerely Love.  Sincerely, Love is a mixer/speed dating event that takes place THIS SATURDAY and will also include relationship guidance from Kevin Carr, author of the book If Men Are Dogs, Then Women You Hold The Leash.  See the flyer below fore more details.

Before you get ready for the event, see what the ladies have to say about what they do and more importantly, why Love is such a big part of it.  Enjoy.

Sincerely Love



CC:      Tell us about this event and how you and Tia came up with the idea?

SS:       Tia and I first decided to collaborate on an event back in November when I was honored at the Sincerely Chosen event.  And from that point on, I personally liked what I saw with the Couture At Your Door brand, I liked the quality of service and product that they were giving people and it was just a brand I wanted to work with.  In December [Tia] hit me up like, “I got an event and I already have a name, Sincerely Love, It’ll be a speed dating event.”  And I never did speed dating but I was with it.   So once January came, we started planning things and I said that we definitely need to bring in Tabb Management.  By this point in my Sincerely Syreeta career, Tabb management has been everywhere and they’ve been instrumental in organizing a lot of key business relationships.  I figured if we’re going to bring class,  style and sophistication, we need to work with the right people.


CC:      How has LOVE played a part in building the Sincerely Syreeta brand?

SS:       Sincerely Syreeta would not exist without love.   From being a sixteen year old mom, knowing that my mom had every reason to be disappointed in me, she still approached me with love and support.  She told me I was still going to college and that I was still going to be something.  And now, at this point, the people around me who know me closely, support me and feel like the blessings I get, I actually deserve.  That’s why in all my little tweets and quotes, I try to promote love because love is what got me here.  It wasn’t hate, it wasn’t criticism, or negativity.  It was positivity.  It was people who saw in me what I didn’t see in myself.



tabb logo

CC:      Tell us about Tabb Management. 

LT:       Tabb Management is an intimate marketing, management and event production company.


CC:      So tell us more about this Sincerely, Love event.

LT:       Sincerely, Love is a speed dating and relationship-enlightening event.  So we’re not having people come here to find a boo and be out.  It’s more like let’s strengthen our relationships so we also brought in a relationship expert, even tough he hates the term, “relationship expert.”  Kevin Carr, he is the author of, “If Men Are Dogs, then Women hold the leash.” So just straight from the title, it sounds like he has something worthwhile to say.  Also Tabb Management is really big on collaboration and partnerships so with Sincerely, Love we brought in other brands and business partners to not only help promote the event but who could also speak to our goal of enriching relationships.  One of our media partners is Lana Adam’s blog, SpeakWhenSpokenTo.wordpress.com and her part in this is personal because she’s coming off her own relationship enlightening journey or “man-cation” with coming to Sincerely, Love.  And that feels good for us to know that people are using our event as a catalyst to make change in their lives.


CC:      Staying with the “LOVE” theme, why would clients love to work with Tabb Management?

LT:       Like I said, we are an intimate business so when clients come to us we give personalized service and we’re kind of right at your fingertips.  I get phone calls all night and emails all night because people know that when they come work with us there’s a level of trust, commitment and a real strong work ethic that comes with working with us.



cayd logo

CC:      What exactly is Couture At Your Door?

TE:      Couture At Your Door is an online and on-site styling service that offers door-to-door styling, event styling and gift services.


CC:      So what do you love about the work that you do?

TE:      I love fashion.  I love working with people and clothes and pulling outfits together for people and seeing their inner-self come out.


CC:      Sincerely, Love is about match-making so what are you looking for in a quality mate?

TE:      I’m looking for a man that’s honest.  I’m looking for a man with humor, who loves the Lord such as myself.  And I’m looking for a man that’s financially stable.  You need to be able to at least take care of yourself lol.  And I’m hoping the Kevin Carr will be able to shed some light on the subject at Sincerely, Love.


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(Posted by Garron Gibbs)

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